House of Nanz


We hire creative thinkers who have a pragmatic business mind, an entrepreneurial spirit, an international outlook, and an appreciation for luxury goods. We look for the pursuit of excellence and the capacity to look to the future while staying true to the DNA of our brands. Candidates with these qualities will thrive at HOUSE OF NANZ

Who we are

luxury skincare, beauty and fashion brand for the

elegant woman.

We are House of Nanz: a luxury skincare, beauty and fashion brand for the elegant woman.

We created the brand to help transform women and make them feel confident about themselves both inwardly (Skincare) & (Beauty & Fashion).

For Skincare & Beauty, we’ve built a holistic and clean skincare/beauty brand that provides safe and non-toxic products to boost healthy skin & promote natural beauty while maintaining luxury.

For Fashion, we provide top-notch products to match one’s status, confidence and style.

To be fair you can’t look all that good nature and not be able to match that luxurious skin glow with a luxurious style to go!

We provide an all-around service to the alleviated woman.

Our products are accessible to any part of the world.



Our luxury fashion pieces are manufactured from some of the best factories across the globe! Whether a busy working class woman or busy mum, our products are specially produced with ease of use, to make today’s woman glow and stand out classy, elegant and effortlessly beautiful.

Our products are eye catching and nicely packaged for women who appreciate true beauty, style, and elegance! And we aim to grow into one of the world’s biggest female owned luxury brands.